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Wednesday, November 13, 2019 - 10:25English
 New logo consistent with sister fair Gallery SHOES  Side events with Gallery FASHION TRENDVIEW & more  New arrivals in ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’, the central platform for international brand segments  Who’s who of the SHOWROOM CONCEPT with premium brands and agencies “In these times full of upheaval, change, demands for new approaches and more digitalisation, we – as a trade fair company and established location for 70 years – are offering stability with our contemporary, practical and cost-efficient concepts. Düsseldorf is the mother of the international fashion business in Germany: sometimes quieter, sometimes louder… but always here and always reliable! Meeting people in person every season will remain important in the future!” Ulrike Kähler Managing Director Igedo Company and Project Director


Monday, November 11, 2019 - 21:00English
Siro Badon, Chair of Assocalzaturifici: “To get through this difficult period we need to invest in ourselves and in our skills. It is essential to train new professionals that are able to innovate Italian footwear manufacturing companies” THE ITALIAN FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY: IN THE FIRST HALF OF 2019 EXPORTS INCREASED BY +7.1% IN VALUE Exports are the only positive note within the sector, even though volumes decreased. On the employment front the number of companies and the industry workforce continue to fall: -119 footwear manufacturers (including both industrial and craft operators), which amounts to a -2.6% reduction, and 492 less workers (-0.7%) compared to December 2018.

"El CTCR apuesta por el potencial de la Biomecánica para la mejora del rendimiento, el confort y el movimiento del usuario"

Monday, November 11, 2019 - 20:42Spanish
El Centro Tecnológico del Calzado de La Rioja, CTCR, está apostando por las múltiples posibilidades que ofrece la biomecánica, al demostrar sus diversas e innovadoras ventajas como disciplina científica aplicada a la consecución de la mejora del rendimiento, confort o movimiento del usuario y, por tanto, la reducción del riesgo de sufrir lesiones y/o mejorar la simple acción de caminar. Y es que, esta línea de investigación en la que avanza el CTCR no es de aplicación exclusiva para atletas o deportistas profesionales, sino que son cada vez más los fabricantes de calzado que están empleando nuevas tecnologías de esta índole a la hora de crear zapatos cómodos de uso diario. Hablamos del correcto análisis de cómo funciona mecánicamente el cuerpo, los tejidos, los movimientos y las fuerzas, de manera que el zapato se adapte lo mejor posible al pie, ya sean de moda, de uso profesional, o incluso para corredores de élite, teniendo en cuenta, a su vez, todos los rangos de edad, para personas mayores, niños o embarazadas.

23rd LESHOW MOSCOW Int'l Winter Fashion Trade Show 16-18 JUNE 2020

Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 09:00English
23rd LESHOW MOSCOW Int'l Winter Fashion Trade Show will be organized with high fashion dynamism between 16-18 JUNE 2020 at the 7th pavilion (in a total of 6 expo halls) of the Expocentre Exhibition Center. LESHOW Moscow 2019 hosted 10,700 visitors, with a significant percentage of visitors being professional buyers. This year, Canada, Hungary, Slovenia, China, Greece, Kazakhstan, Italy, Russia Fed. and Turkey countries were in LESHOW Moscow.

MOMAD confirma las fechas para su próxima edición

Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 08:40Spanish
La próxima edición de MOMAD tendrá lugar del 6 al 8 de febrero de 2020 en un horario continuado de 9.30h a 19h (jueves y viernes) y de 9.30h a 18h el sábado en IFEMA.

Next 21st UITIC Footwear Congress will take place in China in 2021

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 09:40English
China Leather Industry Association (CLIA), has been selected by the UITIC Executive Committee to be in in charge of organizing the 21st Congress in China in 2021, on behalf of the UITIC (International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians). This will be the second UITIC Congress in China after the 18th Congress held in 2013 in Dongguan and Guangzhou.

HDS/L Hauptgeschäftsführer Manfred Junkert wird 60

Thursday, October 31, 2019 - 09:59German
Am 3. November feiert Manfred Junkert seinen 60. Geburtstag. Der gebürtige Franke (Bamberg) ist seit 2007 in der Schuh- und Lederwarenbranche als Verbandsgeschäftsführer aktiv. Nach seinem Studium der Rechtswissenschaften mit Schwerpunkt Arbeits- und Wirtschaftsrecht sowie der Volkswirtschaftslehre zog es Manfred Junkert zunächst ins Ausland. Neben einem Anwaltspraktikum in Washington absolvierte er nach seiner zweiten juristischen Staatsprüfung ein weiteres Studium in European Marketing Management in London und Osnabrück (Abschluss M.A.).

HDS/L: Sozialpolitischer Ausschuss verabschiedet Gerd Koschik

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 13:26German
Gerd Koschik, der Vorsitzende des „Sozialpolitischen Ausschuss Schuhindustrie“ beim Bundesverband der Schuh- und Lederwarenindustrie HDS/L, wurde am 25. Oktober in Offenbach in den wohl verdienten Ruhestand verabschiedet.


Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 12:16English
Today, during the 34th national convention of Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs in Capri, the Assocalzaturifici youth group elected Elisa Lanciotti as Chair for the years 2019-2023. Born in 1987, with a degree in economics and commerce, she is in charge of international sales in her family’s business, Calzaturificio Lancio of Montegranaro (FM).


Monday, October 21, 2019 - 20:03English
Great int’l interest and excitement has been growing around the 2nd LeShow Istanbul-2020, the new global hub of allure and prominent gateway to new target markets with little use of consumption potential to date, for high-end brands of leather, fur and textile fashion industries.