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It will be held in collaboration with La Nave and the digital portal, an information leader in the fashion sector, and will focus on innovation in retail, and in production and management processes, as well as in entrepreneurship and digitisation

ShoesRoom by Momad, the new event for the Footwear sector organised by IFEMA, which will take place from 1 to 3 March 2019 - from Friday to Sunday - at La Nave, an industrial-style location near the centre of Madrid, has organised in collaboration with the digital portal the 1st Conference on Innovation. The aim of this conference programme, in which La Nave is also collaborating, is to contribute to highlighting the importance of Innovation in this industry, as a basis for the economic development and operational progress of the companies that comprise it.

The 1st ShoesRoom by Momad Conference on Innovation will focus on three key points, which will be developed throughout the three days of the event: Innovation in retail; Innovation in Production and Management Processes, and Entrepreneurship and Digitalisation.

Innovation in retail will focus especially on the application of Innovation and Sustainability in retail with success stories. Start-ups with innovative solutions for retail and companies specialising in the development of innovation applications will participate. These will include the Centro Tecnológico de La Rioja, which offers extensive experience in this field, HMY Group, Tzir and CuldeSac . The development of this point will benefit from the collaboration of La Nave, an urban innovation space, which promotes different innovation and technology projects throughout the year and whose facilities are the venue for the first ShoesRoom by Momad event.

In addition, the subject of Innovation in Productive Processes and Management will focus on informing attendees about the different applications of innovation and sustainability in the value chain of manufacturers and retailers, addressing in its presentation topics ranging from the use of materials for manufacturing to the incorporation of automated systems for stock management. Inescop and Fiona Campbell, design professor of Cordwainers College (University of Arts of London) will take part in developing it.

The third key point on which the 1st ShoesRoom by Momad Innovation Conference will focus is on Enterprise and Digitalisation, as essential elements in the future of the sector. The expansion of this theme will include an assessment of various entrepreneurship success stories in the footwear sector, which have implemented different strategies: native digital start-ups, on-off start-ups and companies that have computerised their businesses. Its presentation will benefit from companies like Moddo, a leader in providing resource optimisation services, TLG Commerce, Adigital, Medi Shoes, Inclover and the University of La Rioja , among others.

Featured speakers

Among the speakers who will take part in the 1st Conference on Innovation is Ana Belén Muñoz, of Inescop, the Centro de Innovación y Tecnología para el Calzado, who will talk about terminology and the differences between fur, leather, vegan materials and synthetic materials; and Francisco López, from the same centre who, together with Manuel Garrido, from Inclover, and Edith González, of UNIR, will discuss whether entrepreneurs are born or made. In turn, Javier Oñate, from the Centro Tecnológico del Calzado de La Rioja (CTCR), will participate in a round table on the store of the future and solutions for the point of sale, which will also be attended by Isabel Núñez, of The Valley and Pepe García, of Cul de Sac.

The scheduled round tables will include one on Native Digital Start-ups, in which Elena Peña, of Mi Cuir; Beatriz Cebrián, of Beyton; Mónica Casal, of Tandem Up and Mireia Playá, of Mireia Playá will all take part. Another of the round tables will analyse the challenges and perspectives of the footwear sector, chaired by José Monzonís, of FICE,with Charo Izquierdo, director of ShoesRoom by Momad; Imanol Martínez, of FICE; Juan Carlos Fernández, of Pons Quintana; Maite Ruiz-Atela, of Global Fashion and Diego de Vicente, of Moddo taking part.

In addition, during the conference the 1st Awards for Innovation in Footwear will be presented.

High attendance at ShoesRoom by Momad

ShoesRoom by Momad is starting off its journey with very high attendance figures. A total of 80 companies will occupy its exhibition area, including the large and emblematic Made in Spain footwear brands. Firms as important as Callaghan, Wonders, Mustang, Unisa, Gioseppo, Jaime Mascaró, Sison, Alma de Candela, Gaimo and Alma en Pena will join other firms that also took part in the previous Footwear event, organised by IFEMA, such as Pons Quintana, Pertini, Exé, Chie Mihara, Azarey, Vidorreta, United Nude, Arche, Som.mits, Kayakstorms, Aerobics and Nerogiardini , among others.

IFEMA has put together ShoesRoom by Momad, the new professional get-together for the Spanish footwear sector, in collaboration with FICE, with the aim of providing a new business platform adjusted to the current market needs, on the most suitable and useful dates for this industry

Internationalisation, Innovation, Sustainability and the strengthening of the relationship with the buyer will be the main hubs of ShoesRoom by Momad.

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