17, Rue du Cuir
Zone Industrielle Sidi Rezig

National Center of Leather and Footwear.

The National Centre of Leather and Shoes "C.N.C.C." is a public institution established by law nr.69/9 dated 24 January 1969 and placed     under the patronage of the Ministry of Industry.

The Centre statutes have been modified three times (Law nr. 82/44 dated 25 may 1982, Law nr.93/101 dated 20 October 1993 and Law nr.95/439 dated 13 March 1995) in order to allow the Centre follow the development of the economic situation and to fit the evaluating reality of sector's firms. The last law's subject concerned the setting of standard statutes of technical centres operating in the industrial sectors.

The C.N.C.C. acts for development and promotion of the leather and shoe sector in Tunisia.

Equipped with testing stations and analysis laboratories, the C.N.C.C. gives assistance to the sector's different fields of activity: rawhides collection, tannery, shoes, fine leather goods, leather clothing and annexed industries.

In order to, efficiently, assist operators in the leather industries sector, the C.N.C.C. puts at the profession disposal a number of services  carried out by its different departments: Technical department (shoes, fine leather and clothing only), laboratories, rawhides, tannery, training, handicraft, promotion and information.

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