Alexey Kuznetsov

per.Fermersky, 112

Developing all types of designs in shoe industry (shoe uppers/ outsoles/ insoles/ accessories and etc.).  My experience in shoe business and international collaboration makes  more than 11 years. Thanks to successful cooperation I create projects for companies from Mexico, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, China and Poland.

Here is short list of my services:

- creation of new project of a outsole, footwear upper, insole or any accessory

- creation set of styles following customers instructions

- restyling of ready option of a outsole, footwear upper, insole or any accessory and/or fusion of several ideas in one concept

- visualization of the any clients project (such as placing new outsole on ready shoe uppers and etc.)

- design/branding any print/pattern on shoe upper/slipper

- create color samples for shoe uppers base on PANTONE catalogs

- collecting information of the finished product of shoe design for later review

Alexey Kuznetsov