Ted Shoes Romania

Str. Garlei, Nr 50

We produce footwear for women and men made of natural leather: shoes, boots, sandals, boots, slippers, moccasins and sabots at affordable price

Vlasceanu Theodor Cosmin


B-dul D. Mangeron No.67
700050 IASI

Virtual Training Centre for Shoe Design (VTC - Shoe) is a European Community funded project within the framework of the LEONARDO DA VINCI programme.  The aim of the project is to implement shoe design training content (at elementary and intermediate level) into a virtually designed and served training centre which is accessible over internet, e-learning will be realised as an innovation in this field. VTC-SHOE is a multi lingual virtual environment in which the shoe design training is served in English, Romanian, Turkish and Greek according to the curriculum developed for this purpose up to intermediate level. As a training tool, the curriculum is in accord with the approach, methodology and techniques required for virtual training. The audio and other visual aids contribute to its attractiveness for a trainee or trainer in this field. In addition, the animations, quizzes and design collection can further contribute this tool to become more attractive and effective in training. Since this training tool is in English, Romanian, Turkish and Greek version, it can help its scope and effect as a training tool internationally.

Aura Mihai