Riu Vinalopo, 4
03610 PETRER

We are a consulting-agency representing buyers who want to source Spanish footwear face the problem of how to co-ordinate and control the operation on the side of the production. We are established for many years and have very good relations with several factories in Spain.    We help from the beginning, building the lines, either visiting the factories with the line-builders or at the shows, starting the sample process. Potential orders are received in our offices and transferred to the factories, negotiating delivery dates, specifications, confirmation samples etc. For us Quality Control is a "must". We always have the same sample as the confirmation sample. While orders are in production, we make inspections of the production, locating the problems and correcting the product to achieve the proper quality. When everything is ok, we issue our "Inspection Certificate" allowing the shipments for which we are in close contact with the forwarder allocated by the buyers to make all arrangements (cargo space etc). We can provide you the footwear you need from Spain, for the best Quality/Price relation without any trouble in quality or deliveries. For further information, please contact us.


Miguel Simon N. Perez
34 96 5394201