AFMEC - Agra Footwear Manufacturers & Exporters Chamber

S-6, 2nd Floor, Friends Tower
41-B Block, Sanjay Place

As an organization AFMEC is working for whole footwear industry in Agra. In today's scenario, we can say our world is a global village, so we have to follow the international protocols for the standards and so in this direction, we follow certain rules to upgrade our footwear community.


CLE - Council for Leather Exports

3rd Floor, CMDA Tower - II,
Gandhi Irwin Bridge Road, Egmore,
CHENNAI 600 008

The Council for Leather Exports (CLE) is the single largest and Apex trade promotion organization of the strong and rapidly growing Indian leather & leather products industry. CLE is committed towards the overall development of Indian leather sector and achieve higher export growth to enhance India’s share in global leather trade. CLE is functioning under the aegis of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India. It is the notified Export Promotion organization for entire leather & leather products industry.


91- 44- 28594363/64

IFCOMA - Indian Footwear Components Manufacturers Association

Gate No. 1, Opposite Kendriya Vidyalaya,
FDDI Complex, A-10/A, Sector-24,
NOIDA Uttar Pradesh 201 301

Indian Footwear Components Manufacturers Association (IFCOMA) was established in 1992 to bring the Indian footwear component manufacturers on a common platform to help them to understand the various opportunities, growth potential, export initiatives, problems and hurdles to faster growth of this crucial sector.

91 120 4225763

ILPA - Indian Leather Products Association

Chatterjee International Centre, 14th Floor, Suite No- 6
33A, Jawaharlal Nehru Road
KOLKATA 700071

Indian Leather Products Association (ILPA) is an organisation of manufacturers and exporters of leather and leather products. From 1987 to 2011 within a period of 25 years, ILPA has grown up to the status of an apex National Body representing the Indian Leather and Leather products industry. Presently with a strands of 150 reputed manufacturers- exporters on its role, ILPA’s name is reckoned with respect by other sectors, both in national and international level. Over the past 25 years, ILPA has been striving relentlessly to promote the image of Indian Leather Products in the international markets and bring the buyers closer to the Leather Industry through International Exhibitions, IILF in Chennai, International Leather Goods fair in Kolkata, Offenbach Fair, A+A Fair, Atlanta Fair,  Buyer- Sellers meets, direct contact etc. To- day the industry is engaged in manufacturing numerous sophisticated leather exports. The exports of leather goods have registered remarkable growth during the past few years and presently, the exports are in the vicinity of Rs. 13,000 Crores. ILPA, therefore, is continuously keeping track of the changes in global trade. The activities of ILPA have never lacked in the unique manifestation of resourcefulness, vitality and spontaneity of purpose to meet the emergent cause of the industry.

91-33-2284 8339

ILTA - Indian Leather Technologist's Association

44, Shanti Pally, 3rd Floor
KOLKATA 700 107

Leather Technologists' Association (India), was formed in the year 1950.Prof. Moni Banerjee joined as General Secretary under President ship of Prof. B. M. Das. This Association was renamed as 'Indian Leather Technologists' Association' and was incorporated in the year 1957 under the Companies Act. Fifty eight years back, ILTA made a small beginning to weave all segments of people sincerely devoted to the cause of Leather and allied Technology all over the country. The Association has members not only in all parts of the country representing every branch of leather and allied industries but also abroad. Through regional Centers, the Association strives to bring technologists all over the country close together and now has more than 600 members in various categories. This Association is presently headed by Mr. Arnab Jha , as President. Padmashri Dr. Y Nayudamma, Padmashri Mr. Nagappa Chettiar. Mr. V. P. Pandit and Mr. S. P. Pandit  and Mr. Sanjay Sen are the past presidents whose names are to be reckoned with great respect. ILTA represents India in the 'International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies', the foremost body of its kind in the world and has been doing so ever since 1956.