1st International Place, B&Q buiding D
room 1311, Nancheng


Oct.02 / March 04 „French Institut Colbert „ Cholet (49), France

16-month diploma in shoe design

- Formal courses:

History of fashion, product and collection management, product lifecycle, computer graphics, marketing, brand image, business law, company structures.

- Technical courses:

- Shoe design, pattern and making of several shoes prototypes (handmade and industrial made).

- CTC courses („foot-last-fitting, city shoes and sport shoes, leather goods, children shoes.).

- Development of a small collection in partnership with « Free Lance » lady high fashion shoes. (Rautureau- Apple shoes company) and Cholet city‚s Afpa (technical shoe school).

- Visits and study of several companies‚ way of working (Eram industries, Kickers, TBS).

- Shoe fairs : Midec(Paris), Who‚s Next(Paris), Première classe(Paris), GDS (Dusseldorf), Futurmoda (Spain).

Oct.01 / June 02 ESIM (Ecole supérieure des Industries de la Mode) Toulouse (31), France

One year study in fashion design and product management.

Sept.00 / June.01 Sport University Rodez (12), France

Sept.99 / Oct.00 equivalent to a-levels (French „Baccalauréat, economy and sociology) (12), France

Languages  - French (native), English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Chinese (Mandarin notions, oral language on study).

Shoe types: Ladies - sneakers.

I am a French free lance shoe designer based in Dongguan City in the south of China. I am now working for some chinese companies and I would be interested to work for any more chinese or foreign companies in needs of a footwear designer based in China. I have a relevant experience in the footwear industry and a high knowledge about shoe market,  shoe technical, shoe collections and development, shoe costs and business. For more information, please feel free to have a look to my webpage or contact me to for more detais.